Duct Cleaning Reviews

I was wondering how it happened that I used to pay abnormal energy bills. As I was busy on Facebook, I came across AAA Furnace Cleaning Company’s page and read it. That is how I came to know that ducts need to be thoroughly cleaned by professionals like them. I didn’t hesitate to give them a call. I directed them to my home and it didn’t take them more than hour to attend to me. I was shocked to discover that my energy bill had dropped by half that end month!

Jennifer Lucifer, St. Albert

Awesome customer service. Very respectful customer attendants. Kudos.

Thomas Morari, Sherwood Park

I came to know about AAA Furnace cleaners when they did duct cleaning for my parents. They did a stellar job there and I couldn’t mind inviting them to do the same to me. I recommend them.

Corey Quincy, Edmonton

I rate these guys 5 stars. They fully satisfied me. They used modern day technological equipment to clean my condo and now I can breathe fresh air. I appreciate the job done by AAA Furnace Company.

Nick Saschuk, Spruce Grove

AAA furnace cleaning service is top. I was shocked to see how the technicians approached the work. They used HD video cams to record how my HVAC system was before they cleaned and after. Very professional guys in deed.

Ricardo Tedd, Sherwood Park

This is the best furnace and duct cleaning company I’ve ever worked with. Always having the customer in mind. Very affordable and humble. I’ll consider you next time. Thank you lots

Nirma Paisley, Leduc

Wow! They are very punctual. They promised to reach my place in an hour and that’s what actually happened. They kept their promise. I like their honesty.  My vents and ducts are as clean as new.

Lesley Steslar, Devon

My dryer vent was well attended to. These guys are very humble and responsive. They educated me on how to maintain my dryer after they did the work I had assigned to them. They responded all my queries without complaining about my inquisitive nature. I just like them.

Jason Richard, Beaumont

All my friends and family have the contacts of AAA Furnace Cleaning Company. I felt I had to recommend them to them. They worked so well and in a professional way that I had no doubts about hiring them.

Melanie Lee, St. Albert

My house was very stuffy before I made a phone call to AAA. I can’t express the joy I had after sleeping on my room having fresh air. My Furnace was up and running. Oh, and my dryer did its role perfectly. My laundry dried within the stipulated time.

Nadine Olabodas, Edmonton

My air ducts were leaky. AAA came at the right time when I needed them the most. They sealed my ducts within a very short time. I can’t even guess whether an hour had ended before they completed the work. They also made a follow up after a month to confirm whether my ducts were still doing fine.

Bobby Rovaris, Stony Plain