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Most of our houses have air ducts which allow clean and fresh air to enter. Air ducts may be attached to the HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) to ensure the supply of warm and cool air in our homes. Due to the continuous supply of air, the air ducts may accumulate dust and debris which may lead to blockage. Such accumulation can be a danger to residents of such houses as they breathe in the contaminated air. Worry no more, our company is there to ensure that you breathe in fresh air while in your house.

Our services include residential duct cleaning, commercial duct cleaning, furnace repair and maintenance, and the dryer cleaning service. These services are available in Edmonton and the areas surrounding it, including St Albert, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Nisku, Alberta and Beaumont.

Residential Duct Cleaning

Residential Duct Cleaning

It is good to make sure that your air duct is always clean. This is to ensure that there is a smooth inflow of fresh air in your house. This will prevent breathing in of any dust or debris which may have accumulated in the air duct. And also prevent any health danger. Our company offers this cleaning service in any residential establishment in Edmonton and areas surrounding it

Commercial Air duct cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Keep your workplace clean with commercial duct cleaning service from our company. Our company will clean your workplace air duct to ensure the supply of clean and fresh air. This is to increase the productivity in your workplace and to reduce any health danger. For more information about commercial duct cleaning, call AAA Furnace and Duct cleaning company.

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Furnace Maintenance

Our Company is there to provide furnace cleaning, maintenance any required repair services. Make sure that your furnace is in good conditions always to avoid any unexpected breakdown. Also, make sure it is cleaned and repaired regularly. Our maintenance service helps to keep your furnace functioning all the time and for long. Call our team of professionals anytime and we will respond immediately.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Dryer Vent Safety

Commercial dryer vent may be accumulated by a large amount of dust and lint collected from different ventilation. These accumulation damages and makes the vent unclean. This reduces its efficiency and creates health hazards. As a result, the clogged vent may cause fire due to the rise in temperatures in the vent although it’s a rare occurrence. Therefore, dryer vent cleaning is very important in ensuring the safety of your family. For fast dryer cleaning service, call our company’s technicians.

Why is AAA Furnace Cleaning the best air duct and furnace cleaning company in St. Albert?

AAA Furnace Cleaning is different from other companies that provide the same services as ours. Our services are unique and of high quality. The following are the reasons as to why we are unique:

  • Our services are cheap and easily affordable.
  • We have a team of highly trained professionals who have enough knowledge of duct and furnace cleaning.
  • AAA Furnace Cleaning Company is registered and licensed for our services.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction to all our customers.
  • Our aim is to communicate and respond fast when contacted.

What are the major Allergens hiding in your furnaces and ducts?

Furnace and ducts are mostly accumulated with different unwanted things which may be dust or debris. Such accumulation may be of health danger, especially to allergic people. Such allergens may include


Dust is one of the major allergens that hides in your duct and furnace. It is carried by air due to its lightness. When the air that is contaminated with dust passes through the duct, the dust collects on the walls of the duct and gets attached. Continuous accumulation leads to the formation of a thick layer of dust which may lead to blockage of the duct or furnace.


Mould is a substance that forms as a result of the growth of fungi. Its growth is triggered when the organic materials lie for a long time exposed to warm and moist air that passes through the duct. Mould is smelly and causes the air duct to have a bad odor. Furnaces and air duct should be checked regularly to make sure that there is no conducive environment for the growth of mold.


Just like dust, pollen is light hence easily carried by air. When such air passes through the air duct, the pollen gets stuck. As time goes, more and more pollen accumulate making the duct to clog.

Insect and pest droppings

Insects and pests are small animals that may be found in the air duct. These animals may drop their feces in the air duct or furnace as they leave. Sometimes these small animals may get trapped in the air duct and after sometimes they die and their remains are left there.

Animal hair

The animal hair, especially from pets that we keep in our homes, may accumulate in the air duct or the HVAC system. This pollutes the air that you breathe in while in your house. Furnaces and air duct should be checked and cleaned regularly to remove any hair that may have accumulated. Cleaning will increase the quality if your indoor air.


Bad odour in the air duct is normally brought about by mould. This bad smell can cause respiratory problems and also can trigger allergies to some people. To remove bad odour from your house, you need to clean the air duct regularly. This will ensure that you breathe in fresh air always.

Why Duct cleaning

Our professional duct cleaning services include residential duct cleaning, commercial duct cleaning, Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, and furnace repair.

Worry no more; our Furnace Cleaning Company is there to ensure that you breathe in fresh air while in your house.