Air Duct Sealing

The duct system conveys air to the air vents. As air ducts do their optimal role, they may be faced by challenges. The challenges could come emanate from contaminants or rodents. Contaminants like debris, pet dander, pollen, dust and mold destroy the duct work if left to accumulate for long. Rodents and vermin tend to gnaw and bore holes on the ductwork. Leaky air ducts and bends in the duct system cause air loss indoors.

Loss of air through the ductwork is not uncommon for many homes and commercial establishments. The effects are mild as the summer and winter approach. You can’t enjoy efficient regulation of temperatures as well. You part with lots of cash to settle extreme power bills, if calculated annually.

At AAA Furnace Cleaning, we save you all that hassle. A call to us is the ultimate solution to your air duct sealing needs. Our team of experienced technicians starts the process by inspecting the entire ductwork. We use powerful equipment to determine the air supply and its flow. After locating any gap or hole on the ductwork, we use our specially tested sealants to do our job.     

professional air duct sealing services

Why choose AAA Furnace Cleaning Company for Air Duct Sealing Services in St. Albert?

  • We are highly experienced. Our technicians have done this work for the better part of their life. Sealing your air ducts is a walk in the park to them.
  • Our services are affordable. We don’t involve any intermediaries in transporting our sealants, form or adhesives. We directly source them from our favourite factories, making the overall price affordable.
  • We are licensed and insured for the great job we do.
  • We always leave our customers satisfied.
  • Our technicians are friendly, kind and follow work ethics.
  • Our customer service is stellar

Why get professional Air Duct Sanitization and Sealing Services?

Molds are stubborn to remove from the ductwork. When they build up on the duct system for long, they cause air leaks. A professional has to be called to sanitize and seal any leaking ducts. You benefit in the sense that:

Air quality is improved indoors. Leaky air ducts often tend to push already contaminated air indoors. Allergens arising from dander or pollen grains will be rampant as well. Professional air duct sanitizers and cleaners do away with all dirt and seal the ducts to enhance efficient flow of indoor air.

You get more comfort indoors. Sanitized and sealed air ducts mean uniform distribution of cold and hot air inside.

It leads to lower utility bills. You save on energy expenses and replacement of the entire ductwork when professionals seal any leaking ducts.

What does professional Air duct Sealing Service provide?

Air duct sealing needs a professional sealing know-how. Don’t try it on your own as the damages could be more than the benefits expected.

There are many duct sealing service providers, but very few are professional. That’s where AAA Furnace Cleaning Company comes in.

Once you call us, our professional air duct sealing service providers inspect the situation of your duct system first. Any air leaks, loose air ducts or holes are located by using our very powerful sealing equipment. The entire duct system is then cleaned.

We use high quality sealants after locating any present air leaks. You then rest assured that your overall indoor air quality is improved, energy costs are reduced and comfort indoors is enhanced.